A Quick Guide to Stake $MDX $WBNB $BTCB $USDT & $ETH on STONE Webpage

Step 1:

  • Install Metamask (click to install), create or import wallet
  • Add BSC mainnet in Metamask
  • Click on “Ethereum Main Network” and select “Custom RPC”

Step 2:

Step 3:

  • Switch to BSC mainnet

Step 4:

  • Add assets on the BSC network
  • Add token information in Metamask, click “Add token”

Step 5:

  • Send assets to BSC address
  • Click on the top of Metamask to copy the wallet address, and transfer the corresponding assets from Binance to the wallet. When withdrawing tokens, select BEP20 and paste the address

Step 6:

Step 7:

  • Select the corresponding asset, click “Approve”, and confirm in Metamask

Step 8:

Liquidity Mining Pool

  • Go to http://bsc.stonedefi.io/ and choose the MDEX-LP Mining, choose the asset combination you want to proceed with liquidity mining.



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