Alpha Test Mining Makes STONE Stronger and We Are Heading to the Next Milestone!

A few highlights about STONE Alpha test mining:

  • Over 1,000 unique wallet addresses participated in the alpha test mining with over 50 mil TVL.
  • Increased the trading liquidity for rETH (a liquid staking asset developed by Stafi) by 400% on Uniswap
  • Stablecoins are deployed to different strategies and work as planned
  • Website withstood DDOS attacks with no disruption and penetration test was done during the process
  • The devs managed to solve some known unknowns, such as gas fee optimization (although still high on Ethereum), some limitations on metamask. And they also managed to fix some unknown unknowns along the way.
  • Add more staked ETH 2.0 assets (aETH, stETH, vETH are in the pipeline)
  • Add STN staking function for yield boost
  • Introduce first staked DOT on Ethereum
  • Launch SWAP function with largest liquid staking token liquidity
  • Apply ZK-rollup on SWAP to reduce gas fee (in R&D phase)
  • Launch high performance DEX on substrate
  • Develop the first crypto index on substrate
  • Develop other yield-based derivative products (in R&D)
  • Deploy secure cross-chain bridges to aggregate cross-chain assets (in R&D)



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