Announcement: Stone Beta Tests.

We are pleased to announce that our product beta testing has successfully concluded. Thank you all for your enthusiastic support.

According to the previous announcement, users who participate in BOTH Alpha & Beta on Ethereum mainnet will receive additional rewards. However, to thank users for their active participation, STONE decided to airdrop 1,500 STN to users who joined Beta with the BSC and Matic networks as well!.

Meanwhile, to thank users who participated in the Beta test of ETH mainnet as per the earlier announcement, ETH mainnet users with less than 1,500 STN rewards will also receive 1,500 STN rewards.

As a community-driven project, STONE is and always will provide ‘Rock Solid Yield to the community. Stay with us, and remain calm, STONE will do the rest!

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the Stone Fortress Telegram



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