Bi-Weekly Roundup series — Migration!

3 min readOct 12, 2021


It’s been a good few weeks since the completion of our code audit enabled our developers to push the upgrade to Stone v2 and begin introducing new features, including Stone token staking and new promotional incentives for staking to gain higher yields.

In this Bi-Weekly update:

  • Stone v2 upgrade goes live
  • Bug Bounty
  • Stone Token staking goes live on Ethereum
  • V2 Series AMAs
  • StoneDefi Polygon V1 Migration

Stone v2 upgrade goes live

On 24, September 2021 Stone DeFi v2 went live. The new user interface is a cleaner and darker tone minimalistic front end to interact with back end decentralized smart contracts. V2 enables more features to our StoneDeFi protocol, enhancing functionality, cross-chain interoperability, asset staking, liquidity markets, and lending.

We also introduced documentation that can automate multilingual versioning. Better documentation will help new users become familiar with the application front end and for existing users to find the answers to general queries regarding various functions. We will continue to improve the quality of our documentation, including; details of new features as they become available.

Bug Bounty

Our $20,000 bug bounty program went live on 28 September 2021 with no KYC required.

The bounty focuses on our website and smart contracts to prevent a range of potential bugs impacting Stone DeFi.

Stone single token staking goes live on Ethereum

We enabled staking for the STN token on 30 September 2021, making it possible to stake up to 20,000 STN on the Ethereum network with a minimum of 200% APY that was over 1,500% for the first day or so staking.

Stone v2 AMA Series

Our series of Stone v2 AMAs picked up the pace with community AMAs hosted by a I M Crypto, Crypto Nation, and Gains Associates.

StoneDefi Polygon V1 Migration

We have announced the Migration of StoneDeFi v1 Polygon based asset to StoneDeFi v2 for stronger yields to commence on 13 October 2021. To help users familiarize with the steps involved with published a ‘How to’ guide for the migration.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the Stone Fortress Telegram and feel free to join us on Discord.




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