Dude meetup with Stone DeFi for AMA session

Dude welcomes Stone DeFi for informative AMA

5 min readOct 21, 2021

Earlier this week we sat down with Dude for an AMA as part of our ongoing Stone DeFi v2 AMA sessions. This article is a recap of the AMA which took place in a telegram group with over 5,000+ members

Session 1: Questions from Dude

Q1. So, how would you describe Stone DeFi as briefly as possible?
And what motivated you to kickstart the project?

Firstly, as a Decentralized project, Stone is composed of several teams that focus on the management and delivery of the core product features, development, marketing and community. Our teams and members are geographically spread worldwide and very much focused on the development of the decentralized ecosystem.

Stone is the only yield management framework focused on creating Rock Solid Yield for all the users in the DeFi space

Q2. So, why do you think the DeFi space could use a project like Stone, and what problems is it trying to solve?

There are some amazing DeFi projects, exploring innovations in different directions. However, we believe the whole industry is missing critical elements, E.g. . .

  • Open-sourced code and transparent governance
  • Multi-chain interoperability and collaborations involving broad diverse communities

We aim to tackle these areas over time while still maintaining and delivering Rock Solid Yield.

Q3. So, before we speak on this “Rock Solid Yield” aspect, what are some of Stone’s unique selling features?

Firstly, for those who haven’t heard about Stone DeFi before please visit our website https://stonedefi.io

I think from a users perspective the important things to look for in a DeFi project is whether the code has been audited. There has been an awful lot of testing and an intensive code audit process for Stone DeFi this enables external teams to examine and for us to improve the robust smart contracts at the heart of Stone DeFi. It is these processes related to security that we take very seriously as we have seen other projects impacted by bugs that can put assets at risk. Reducing and minimizing risks is all part of Rock Solid Yield without taking those precautions other systems are weak.

This is our unique strength when compared to other systems and why people should choose Stone DeFi. Decentralized, Secure audited smart contracts offering Rock Solid Yield which no other DeFi project can compare. We support solid blockchains with proven battle tested code. Ethereum, Binance and Polygon for those interested checkout our site and connect to our app for a test drive.

Q4. That brings us to the main pillar of the project: this “Rock Solid Yield”. What does it stand for and how does one attain this “rock solid yield”?

Simply put Rock Solid Yield is priority given to quality assets that gives credibility of investments.

Q5. Could you walk us through the process of using the Stone app and setting up our yield gains?

Our App is web3 and as such compatible with many wallets, one of the most popular is the MetaMask wallet.

Depending on the chain used Ethereum, Binance or Polygon you’ll need a variable amount of the related native chain tokens for fees

Those are the underlying blockchain network fees which vary depending on the chain

Connect your wallet to our app and start exploring join us in our telegram https://t.me://stonefortress if you run into difficulties.

It’s quiet straight forward even for novice users but with all new technology there can be some learning curve. It’s certainly worth spending the time to learn and start earning knowing that we have you covered.

Q6. So, getting more technical a bit, what is the role of stable coins in the yield of the Stone ecosystem, do we earn USDT, USDC and the like?, Can we also earn Stone’s token?, what is it called?, and what are its uses?, can we stake it?

Secure strategies for stable coins are a crucial step for Stone we use stable coin yield farming strategies based on lending protocols.

Users are rewarded with the interest from our lending protocol (Stone switches between different strategies to harness the highest Rock Solid Yield) plus STN tokens.

You can see which stable coin and assets are available in the app, depending on the underlying chain.

Regards the STN token, we have introduced STN staking to earn STN. This Staking STN to earn STN feature of is available on Ethereum and Polygon it is also coming to Binance Smart Chain soon!

STN is available on several markets:

Q7. Could you share a roadmap of the project with us? What does the future hold for Stone? Do you have any future features that you’re excited about?

Our public development roadmap provides a guide for the project’s main milestones up to Q3 2021. Although development continues beyond Q3 many of our plans will not be revealed until the successful release of Stone V2 is completed . That said, we did publish an article outlining the Stone V2 roadmap that runs through to Q1 2022.

We will bring another update to the roadmap in due course as we role out new strategies and our governance framework.

Q8. Could you tell us about your investors? What value did they help bring to Stone as a whole? and do you have any partnerships coming in the future?

Stone very much recognizes the importance of constructive partnerships and as such has the backing of some of the best in the industry providing clear vision on open transparent processes to deliver an outstanding user experience and interface to decentralized finance. We are continually developing new partnerships and will reveal those in the future without doubt.

The Dude AMA concluded with a variety of questions from the live participants, we answered as many as we could within the allowed time frame. It was an enjoyable session and we look forward to meeting with the community again in the future.

If you have any questions about this article please feel free to ask in the Stone Fortress Telegram and join us on Discord for future AMAs and giveaways.




The only yield management framework focused on creating Rock Solid Yield for all the users in the #DeFi space.