STONE is going to launch the Alpha Test Mining Program on the 5th of March. All our early Stone supporters in the community will be able to start enjoying Rock Solid Yield via our stable coin vaults and Liquid Eth2.0 token vaults (strategies to be deployed one by one within two weeks). All deposited token addresses are eligible for STONE governance token vesting program while earning the yields from the STONE ROCK SOLID YIELD!

STONE’s governance token, STN, has not launched yet at this time and will not be released until Token Generation Event (“TGE”).


All users can deposit into the STONE platform via on March 5th, 2021 at 8:00pm (GMT+8) with vested liquidity mining rewards enabled. The Rewards accrued will begin vesting shortly after TGE.

This alpha launch is the first step to bring in Rock Solid Yield via our pooled yield aggregation platform — STONE. In the alpha phase, our incentive reward program will help set up STONE’s TVL (total value locked). The pooled capital will then help the STONE platform to achieve economies of scale savings for the stable coin yield farming strategies on this alpha launch.

You can deposit into the vaults and all deposited addresses will be rewarded with STN tokens in the future. The STN token will act as the governance token for the capital pools under STONE, which can be used to vote in the community proposals, while STN is also the incentive tool for STONE to adjust the capital allocation in the multiple capital pools at the later stage.

Last but not least, STONE Golem welcomes everyone to start the ROCK SOLID YIELD journey with STONE!

STN Mining Reward Details:


Total Yield Farming Reserve: 55.0% of Token Supply or 55,000,000 tokens

STN Alpha Launch Allocation Amount: [special gift from Stone Golem]

STN Rewards Starting Time: Friday, 5, March, 2021, 8pm (GMT+8)

STN Reward Vesting Schedule: [we will announce soon].

Rules to Receive Special Gift From STONE Golem:

  1. Follow STONE twitter , retweet our Alpha Testing Mining Program tweet and tag 3 friends.
  2. Join our telegram community — STONE Fortress.
  3. Fill out the form.

Stone Golem hopes to distribute STN tokens into the strong hands of STONE supporters who are with us in participating in governance for the long-term. Let’s Rock it!

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