STONE Beta Product Plan — Rock Solid Yield Through Creating Liquid Staking Asset Markets

  1. Retain the inherent value growth of the key platform tokens (ETH, DOT)
  2. Allow farmers to get the interest from the staking rewards of these tokens
  3. Earn fees from providing liquidity to these staked tokens

Stone Beta

1. New vaults for liquid staking tokens: staked ETH, staked DOT, staked SOL and more onto Ethereum

  • Bring access of various non-ERC20 tokens to Ethereum users, with stable staking rewards and also price upside of upcoming blockchains such as DOT and SOL.
  • Staking rewards from each staked tokens, STN incentives.

2. Stone DEX for trading liquid staking tokens with minimum IL

  • Once we brought liquid staking tokens onto Ethereum, we want to build an active marketplace for users to easily purchase those tokens. That means, without actual staking, users can acquire staked tokens. And for people who have staked tokens and decide to liquidate them, they can easily sell those tokens at the market place.
  • By introducing trading pairs such as rETH/ETH, aETH/ETH, etc, these pairs should be similar to trading pairs such as cDAI/DAI, of which its trading price shall be quite stable (except that the value of rETH and aETH shall gradually increase against ETH due to staking rewards). This prevents IL when ETH price goes up or down, as rETH and aETH price will move accordingly. So in this way, liquidity providers do not need to worry about IL.
  • Staking rewards from staking tokens, transaction fee from liquidity pool with minimum/ no IL, STN incentives.

3. Liquidity farming to make STONE DEX the best marketplace of liquid staking tokens with the largest liquidity pools

  • Liquidity farming incentives for trading pairs, such as rETH/ETH, aETH/ETH, etc, will be set up to encourage users to provide liquidity into Stone DEX.
  • Trading pair LPs to be staked in vaults in order to earn liquidity farming rewards in STN.
  • STN rewards to be distributed to each pool by block.
  • STN incentives

4. STN staking and STN/ETH liquidity pool

  • Vaults for users to stake their STN and also STN/ETH LP tokens.
  • STN rewards will be distributed to each pool by block.
  • STN incentives

R&D And Future

1. Gas optimization mechanism with ZK-rollup (may not be in beta product, in R&D phase)

  • Leverage L2 to allow most transactions done off Ethereum, reducing gas fee required.
  • Increase transaction speed for any transactions on STONE (deposit, withdraw, swap, claim, etc).
  • Reduced gas fee on Ethereum and faster transaction.

2. Cross-chain yield farming (longer-term plan)

  • The team is also analyzing the feasibility of launching STONE on BSC or HECO to harness yield generation opportunities outside Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Since STONE is a composable component of the Defi space, it is able to work with other defi protocols on BSC or HECO.

In Summary



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