STONE BI-WEEKLY REPORT (2021/5/17- 5/31)

Project Progress:

  1. Launched a Pilot Test for Beta Test Mining Program with invited community members to ensure security and user experience. Up to 70% APY will be provided to those participants.
  2. Joined AMA in Thai Community — Bitcoin Addict.
  3. Launched Beta Test Product on Binance Smart Chain (BSC):
  • Rewards can now be (re)staked to immediately compound your gains
  • APY for stable coin staking over 100%
  • TVL reached over 10M in 24 hours
  • A total of 10,000 STN has been issued on BSC with 10,000 STN locked on Ethereum Network. Address of STN-locked on Ethereum: 0x67B73610dc4ac876fcd43Ad8Af80878F4ce186c7
  • Address of STN-minted on BSC:0xdB1af12D25178DAf56ca56C9F9Eba818Ba5265f8


Partnered with SteakBank in increasing asset liquidity on the BSC through cooperation.

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