2 min readFeb 19, 2021


Happy Lunar New Year guys! Let’s find out what STONE has accomplished lately!

Technical Progress

  1. Stone has analyzed the feasibility of strategy on Alpha Homora v1 (not v2 which was hacked).
  2. rETH has been integrated from Stafi onto Stone platform.
  3. The architecture of crypto indexes has been designed on Substate.
  4. Code repo has been frozen for auditing.

Project Progress

  1. On February 2nd, we have revamped the stone website. More details about what Stone aspires to achieve and how to provide Rock Solid Yield have been provided. You can find Stone’s litepaper, roadmap, partnerships, and everything about the project here.
  2. Stone team participated and co-hosted CryptoDiffer AMA.
  3. Stone team conducted AMA via THE AMA ROOM.


  1. Announced an exciting partnership with Stafi to bring liquid staking assets into DeFi 2.0 (Announcement on twitter).
  2. Our proposal to build the first crypto index on substrate has been approved by Web3 foundation.

On-going Event (Next Week)

  1. Stone and Stafi AMA will be held next week.
  2. Our Alpha product will be launched soon.

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