2 min readJan 29, 2021


Technical Progress

  1. AnkrETH vault has been created and is currently stable for production usage.
  2. STONE farming app has added custom allowance functionality as an additional safeguard to limit user’s exposure.
  3. In the progress of adding DEX based LP token vaults.
  4. Stablecoin vaults have been up and running for 4 weeks with stable returns.

Project Progress

  1. STONE team conducted AMA via Satoshi Club (Telegram). — Satoshi Club AMA Recap.
  2. STONE team arranged and participated in the Gains AMA.
  3. STONE organized and undertook the GFA AMA.
  4. Nominated by Mandy’s ICO Research (Twitter:@mandyb675) as one of the most trending IDO list.
  5. Nominated by The Dude (Twitter:@Dudesignals) and on his watchlist.
  6. New website designed completed and being developed.
  7. Litepaper 2021 has been updated and will be published with the new website.
  8. STONE was invited to join Dude’s Army and Crypto Daku Robinhooders.

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