Dear Community,

A huge thank you to all STONE supporters who have supported us and participated in our IDO on Bounce and Alpha Test Mining Program. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of support from our community, therefore, we’d like to throw a lucky draw for all community members.

The winners will be able to buy $STN at $0.25. The contribution will be done in ETH. We will be handpicking and announcing winners on March 29th based on community engagement. The maximum contribution per address will be $150 worth of ETH and there will be 90 winners in this lucky draw.

Rules for Lucky Draw:

  1. Follow our Twitter @defiStone and announcement channel

2. Retweet the Twitter post

3. Invite your friends to join STONE Fortress

4. Fill out the form (duplicated address will be removed and KYC is needed)

Please note: the google form will be closed within 48 hours (March 28th, 22:00pm GMT+8). All winners will be notified by email.

Thanks again for believing in our vision and we will continuously share more updates and news with our community through various social network channels.


We never send personal messages(PM) or email to anyone for FUNDS in any case. Please be aware of scammers and report them immediately.

For security reasons, users are restricted from sending funds from other addresses except for the ERC20 address provided in their submitted Google Forms.

Due to regulatory restrictions, citizens and residents of the following countries will not be permitted to participate in this token sale. United States of America, Mainland China, and any country sanctioned by the United Nations

For all other users, please closely observe and comply with regulations and laws in your jurisdictions. STONE retains exclusive rights to remove any user(s) from the whitelist and Public Sale purchase if the user is found to be in breach of any country’s regulations or laws.

For more details find us here:



Announcement Channel:

Chat with us:




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