Stone DeFi v2 Cross-Chain Stake Pool Ready to Go.

5 min readNov 11, 2021


DeFi protocols continue to innovate today with the emergence of application protocols for various scenarios such as Aave, Uniswap, and Curve. Smart pools have their place in DeFi because they enable users to automate multi-strategy investments and generate higher returns. StoneDefi was one of the first protocols to propose expanding liquidity of staking assets with two prominent features:

The first is the main focus of Rock Solid’s stable stake income; The second is to allow staking users to obtain stake certificates to continue asset liquidity. The latter, in particular, is an innovation that liberates the liquidity of staked assets. The staking pool of Ethereum 2.0, the famous Lido, has achieved great success by continuing the liquidity of assets.

After half a year of beta testing, StoneDefi’s long-awaited 2.0 version is finally released, and a brand new cross-chain stake pool is on the horizon!

Multi-chain stake, rock-solid yields

Compared to v1, v2 is not just an interface upgrade. It has also made major changes in strategy richness, security, and transparency. Among DeFi stake, what users are most concerned about are yields and security. StoneDefi’s philosophy is to enable all investment users to entrust their assets to smart contracts for management. The contracts are connected to multiple strategies, and each strategy is connected to a different platform. There are actually many benefits of doing so:

  • Gathering the funds of users for a one-time investment saving on Gas fee
  • Automatically switch strategies for optimal returns by monitoring network yields
  • Strictly screened platform strategies to achieve solid returns in an open and transparent manner

At present, StoneDefi has completed the v2 upgrade, has deployed strategies on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and docked other networks including Aave, Compound, Pancake, MDX, Venus, Convex, Ellipsis, Solo.Top, Bagels, and other protocols. And began a steady revenue output, reversing the dilemma previously encountered by R&D. As strategies and TVL continues to improve, the value proposition of StoneDefi accumulates and becomes more apparent.

StoneDefi has now achieved the first phase of its goal of building a stable multi-chain stake platform, which has laid a solid foundation for the next step of implementing a cross-chain strategy that takes on a whole new look. StoneDefi can also continue to interface with various new public chains, new protocols, and new assets next, thus becoming a mainstream stake output protocol.

Cross-chain strategy, lead the trend

Cross-chain, one of the most talked-about tracks in 2021, has gained a lot of attention with various cross-chain exchange platforms, and cross-chain public chain solutions. As cross-chains mature, it has become a major trend to embed cross-chain solutions directly into application scenarios. Take Aave protocol, for example, which will directly implement cross-chain-related functions in v3. It is expected to launch in 2022, various cross-chain protocols and applications will become commonplace.

Ethereum’s gas fee is high, which seriously affects the income of staking in Ethereum. This is why various new public chains are popular. Without high transaction costs, staking on the agreement of the new public chain can be beneficial with much higher returns than on Ethereum. For StoneDefi, the next top priority is to implement a multi-platform cross-chain strategy. StoneDefi’s development from multi-chain to cross-chain is just one step away.

A generic cross-chain exchange platform needs to sink sufficient liquidity to be effective, and StoneDefi has a natural advantage in this regard, as it can aggregate a larger amount of liquidity on it. Contractual strategies can be invested to provide liquidity for cross-linked bridges. As long as the security of the cross-chain bridge itself is guaranteed, there will be no major unpredictable losses in providing cross-chain liquidity, but instead, a high fee can be charged. It can also be open to external users if the strategy cross-chains to another platform for high returns and flexibility in strategy switching, provided that the protocol is satisfied for its own use.

The advantage of integrating cross-chain and staking pools is that the strategy can obtain high returns, users who provide liquidity can obtain fee income, all users also obtain convenience, and the value of the platform can be reflected.

Node Stake

StoneDefi is not only dovetailing with various protocols to gain solid revenue but also deeply integrated with public chains to fulfill the promise of providing proof of liquidity for staking assets. Due to various reasons, there are various restrictions on node staking in public chains, such as maturity period of revenue, lock-up period of withdrawal, etc. Take BNB node stake as an example, it is not possible to participate in BNB node stake directly in the BSC, you have to cross-chain the assets to the old BSC in order to cast to the node, and the revenue will be received after N+3, while the withdrawal will wait for a long 7 days.

And once there is the concept of stake pool and strategy, then the money that users put into StoneDefi is into the stake pool, and the stake pool is invested to nodes, which is invested to different strategies, and can be flexibly switched between nodes. The protocol will distribute an equal amount of stBNB to the user, and the revenue will also be shared in each stBNB according to the equalization when the user withdraws it. The Token can be circulated in lending and Swap. For example, the stBNB/BNB trading pair can be composed so that users who want to exit can do so quickly by trading in the secondary market without waiting for 7 days. It is understood that there are 21 nodes on BSC, staking a total of 16.91 million BNBs. Users who stake through StoneDefi can not only get the benefits of node staking, but also the secondary benefits of stBNB.


The StoneDefi currently presented to us, with its innate innovative ideas, has gradually realized the benefits of multi-chain strategies and laid out a market with huge potential for cross-chain strategies. Through the route of multi-chain, cross-chain, and liberating liquidity, the problems of users’ pursuit of stable income, security, and flexible asset control are being solved one by one. StoneDefi 2.0 rocket launch is imminent.


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