Stone designs the first liquid POS farming strategy in DeFi, starting with staked ETH 2.0

Stone will bring staking yields from other Blockchain to Ethereum and it’s liquid

  1. Staked tokens are subject to slashing risks and security risks by the staking providers (It is important to price in such risks for redemption consideration, and provide preventative methods to protect users’ funds)
  2. Lack of a trading market to buy and sell the liquid token with high availability (if there is no viable trading market, the liquid token won’t be able to provide holders liquidity and also be subject to loss in slippage.)
  3. Fragmented liquidity of different liquid tokens (given multiple players will issue their own liquid tokens for one POS token, for example, we may see aETH, bETH, cETH etc for staked ETH), the total liquidity of such liquid tokens are separated into different pools, hence reducing the network effect
  4. Lack of lending market to further incentivize trading activities to find the optimal market price for liquid tokens
  1. An open DeFi platform agnostic to liquid staking providers, making it composable to other DeFi players, and potentially consolidate liquidity from all parties
  2. Unique yield farming strategy to help create a highly liquid staking token liquidity pool on DEX and gain transaction fee
  3. Unique yield farming strategy to help create a vibrant lending market of liquid staking tokens on lending protocols and gain interest
  4. A security deposit system to cover the slashing and security risks of different staking providers
  5. Create Indexes to combine liquidity of fragmented liquid staking systems
  6. Enable other protocols to create derivatives based on these assets on Stone (such as interest swaps and CDS)

Starting with ETH 2.0, let’s build the Liquid Staking Yield Farming market together



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The only yield management framework focused on creating Rock Solid Yield for all the users in the #DeFi space.