Program Progress:

  1. STONE Alpha Mining Program is over and all participants rewarded with STN! Thank you everyone for the support:
    a. A total of 347,991.6 STN distributed as Alpha Mining rewards for USDT and USDC vault, with an additional 40.0 STN as rewards to all deposited addresses.
    b. Announced rETH Vault and rETH LP Vailt Mining Program reward, with a total of 54,544 STN and additional 30,000 FIS rewards sent to the addresses that have deposited during this period.
  2. $STN listed and available to trade on Blockfolio.
  3. Launched STONE Beta Product Plan with new features such as new vaults, DEX, and staking.
  4. Conducted an AMA on STONE FORTRESS community along with an announcement on future plans of incentivizing Alpha test miners. Click here to view the AMA recap.
  5. On April 23rd, STN trading launched on Uniswap with STN/ETH trading pair.


  1. Became a member of The Polkadot DAO Alliance and jointly promote the construction of decentralized governance in Polkadot ecosystem.
  2. Partnered with Dot Finance in bringing Rock Solid Yield onto Binance Smart Chain and adding more cross-chain assets in STONE’s offerings.

Ongoing Event:

STONE BETA product is expected to be released in May.

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The only yield management framework focused on creating Rock Solid Yield for all the users in the #DeFi space.

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