STONE Pre-Beta Pilot Test Program Announcement

Dear Stone Supporters,

We are thrilled to announce that the STN staking pool and ETH/STN liquidity mining pool will go public for testing very soon. As such, we are currently searching community members to help with staking tests and help discover bugs that we may have not found. During this period of pre-beta mining, Stone will provide up to 70% APY as a return for participants.

We welcome all community supporters who are interested in Pre-Beta Pilot Test Program to fill out this application form from May 16th 17:00 UTC+8 to May 18th 17:00 UTC+8, 2021. A hundred lucky community supporters will be selected randomly from this event. Stone will announce the ERC20 addresses of the selected users on May 18th 17:00 UTC+8. Please pay attention to Stone’s official announcements for more information moving forward.

STONE Pre-Beta Pilot Test Program

Pre-Beta Pilot Test Program — Participation Rules:

To ensure a smooth experience and fair environment for every user, during the Pre-Beta Pilot Test Program period, the personal staking amount range will be from 300 STN to 30,000 STN (depending on participation), the LP staking amount range will be from 5 STN to 1,000 STN (The gas fee will be paid by Stone team).

Find Bugs, Get Rewards:

During the pre-beta mining period, you can submit any discovered bugs through the following submission form from May 18 to May 22, 2021. For clarity, we recommend describing the bug in great detail and leaving your ERC20 address. When the bug has been verified as a valid bug by the technical team, you will get an additional 20 STN rewards. Rewards for submitting valid bugs will be issued and distributed on May 26, 2021.

The Pre-Beta Pilot Test Program is for global community supporters and Stone will officially open STN and ETH/STN mining on May 24 20:00 UTC+8, 2021, once the testing has finished. To express our gratitude to early supporters, Stone will provide additional booster rewards to the alpha test users with 2x APY.

Thank you to all users for their continued attention and support to Stone.

Together, we hope to carve out a sharper Stone for a smarter future.

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