STONE Tokenomics

2 min readMar 29, 2021


ERC20 Token Contract Address:


#Please do not trust any other contract address that is different from the above#

#Avoid Scam#

Stone DEFI Website:

$STN is designed to be the token to govern Stone and help the DeFi ecosystem generate long-term rock solid yield.

The Key Design Principles Behind STONE tokenomics:

  1. STN is designed to motivate users for helping the protocol to grow, hence yield farming reserve shall consist the majority of total supply
  2. STN tokens shall be distributed to as many as community members as possible (through various community engagements)
  3. The ultimate goal for Stone is to set up a proper DAO governance, using STN as the governance token, hence a considerable amount of tokens will be reserved for the DAO in the future. This ensures that the community has enough control and tokens for the long-term growth of Stone

$STN Distribution:

The Token Distribution and Vesting Schedule are as follows:

The fundraising details are as follows:

Note: The tokens for public sale are taken out from protocol reserve, the fund raised will be 100% used for liquidity provision. For public sale, this includes both Bounce IDO and community lucky draw.

DOT/KSM holder yield farming Rewards on Huobi Global:

In summary, the initial token circulation will be:

We believe that these principles will bootstrap participation, generate early liquidity and begin the process of widespread distribution of the token, starting Stone on the road towards creating rock solid yield for all of DeFi.

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The only yield management framework focused on creating Rock Solid Yield for all the users in the #DeFi space.