STONE V2 Product Roadmap and Notice to Ethereum Users (Action Required)

Dear STONE Community,

We are excited to share recent development news about STONE, and we are also about to launch the new version for STONE on Ethereum (“STONE V2”).

To prepare for the launch of STONE V2, we would like to inform all STONE users to withdraw all your assets on STONE Ethereum by 11:59 PM 31 Aug 2021 (GMT+8). STONE V2 will not be directly compatible with the current product, and the users on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon will not be affected. If you happen to miss the deadline, please reach out to the community admins, and we will handle it manually for the asset withdrawals.

Now, let’s dive into our product and development updates:

Phase 1 (September 2021):

Phase 2 (September 2021 — October 2021):

Phase 3 ( October 2021 — November 2021):

Phase 4 (November 2021 — December 2021):

Phase 5 (Q1 2022):

We will release more product details in the next two weeks, and please join us in the next phase of STONE! Appreciate all your support along the way!

Best regards,


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