STONE V2 Product Roadmap and Notice to Ethereum Users (Action Required)

2 min readAug 20, 2021

Dear STONE Community,

We are excited to share recent development news about STONE, and we are also about to launch the new version for STONE on Ethereum (“STONE V2”).

To prepare for the launch of STONE V2, we would like to inform all STONE users to withdraw all your assets on STONE Ethereum by 11:59 PM 31 Aug 2021 (GMT+8). STONE V2 will not be directly compatible with the current product, and the users on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon will not be affected. If you happen to miss the deadline, please reach out to the community admins, and we will handle it manually for the asset withdrawals.

Now, let’s dive into our product and development updates:

Phase 1 (September 2021):

Upgrade the smart contract functionalities and framework for Stone Ethereum product, which will provide users with rock solid yields through multi-strategies in a more stable manner by optimizing the risk exposures.

Phase 2 (September 2021 — October 2021):

Proceed to update the products on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, and re-discover strategies formed from the multichain perspective.

Phase 3 ( October 2021 — November 2021):

Work to further improve the current cross-chain bridge development, and we aim to achieve the capital deployment across the multiple chains, which yields higher returns. This also offers STONE users to move liquidity in multiple chains while farming yields, which we believe will strongly enhance the foundation of Stone.

Phase 4 (November 2021 — December 2021):

To tokenize the liquidity of POS assets which are staked to receive protocol rewards, and STONE wants to bring more product composability to the staked assets and yield opportunities for the users.

Phase 5 (Q1 2022):

With the conclusion of all updates, STONE aims to be the one-stop rock solid yield platform for users to be exposed to lending, yield farming, cross-chain strategies, and users are also allowed to have the flexibility to choose best-fit yield farming opportunities in multiple chains.

We will release more product details in the next two weeks, and please join us in the next phase of STONE! Appreciate all your support along the way!

Best regards,


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