Stone V2 Series AMA

3 min readSep 17, 2021

Today, 17 September 2021, we held the first in a series of Stone community AMAs, timed to correspond with the launch of Stone V2.

The V2 Code Audit, which our developers have hinted as nearing completion, when exactly we cannot say but rest assured it is imminent sometime following the publication of this AMA.

Over the past several weeks, we have been receiving community questions. While we are not answering each question individually in this article, we will attempt to outline and summarize all of them for our readers under the following bullet headings.

  • V2 Audit and Launch
  • Staking
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Roadmap and future plans

V2 Audit and Launch

With the increasing excitement for the launch of Stone V2, we naturally get asked when the product will arrive, and while we would love to give a firm date, we must remain mindful that our code audit is a crucial prerequisite. As we know, our audit is nearing completion, and that brings us closer to our public demo before the actual live product launch.


We received several questions on which assets will be available for staking in Stone V2 and whether more Binance Smart Chain and Polygon assets will be available for farming offering higher yield APY.

Stone V2 should include all existing V1 assets for staking, not only the inclusion of STONE (STN) and variable staking periods. Staked assets can earn ‘Rock Solid Yield’ in ETH, USDT, and more. Yield earnings are highest as soon as assets get staked, as variable staking period compounding can maximize returns over time.

Marketing Campaigns

There is a lot of interest in product marketing and how we intend to develop broader brand recognition for the project. These things remain a high priority as the Stone V2 release date draws closer. We are continually raising awareness through community incentives and strategic partnerships. This month we began implementing a plan to host more campaigns, in conjunction with existing partners. Our aims are to develop more strategic partnerships to meet this end. Supporting community participation will always remain a high priority with ongoing giveaways and social activities.

Roadmap and future plans

Concerning our development roadmap and plans, we were asked to detail factors of Stone V2 we consider the most important, how future development will continue to guarantee confidence for investors, and whether there will be more buying pressure on the Stone STN token.

Our public development roadmap provides a guide for the project’s main milestones up to Q3 2021. Although development continues beyond Q3 many of our plans will not be revealed until following the successful release of Stone V2. That said, we did publish an article outlining the Stone V2 roadmap that runs through to Q1 2022.

Our development philosophy is to produce great open-source software for the DeFi ecosystem that extends our product functionality and global footprint. We are producing concise documentation and user guides for each iteration of future product updates. With the introduction of variable staking periods, compounding higher yields may encourage buying pressure.

We announced the live AMA via Twitter and shared in our community groups. Congratulations to the winner of the 100 STN lucky draw which took place during the event and thanks to everyone for participating in this AMA with meaningful questions.

Screen from Stone Discord

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the Stone Fortress Telegram and feel free to join us on Discord.




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