Stone V2 Series AMA

  • V2 Audit and Launch
  • Staking
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Roadmap and future plans

V2 Audit and Launch

With the increasing excitement for the launch of Stone V2, we naturally get asked when the product will arrive, and while we would love to give a firm date, we must remain mindful that our code audit is a crucial prerequisite. As we know, our audit is nearing completion, and that brings us closer to our public demo before the actual live product launch.


We received several questions on which assets will be available for staking in Stone V2 and whether more Binance Smart Chain and Polygon assets will be available for farming offering higher yield APY.

Marketing Campaigns

There is a lot of interest in product marketing and how we intend to develop broader brand recognition for the project. These things remain a high priority as the Stone V2 release date draws closer. We are continually raising awareness through community incentives and strategic partnerships. This month we began implementing a plan to host more campaigns, in conjunction with existing partners. Our aims are to develop more strategic partnerships to meet this end. Supporting community participation will always remain a high priority with ongoing giveaways and social activities.

Roadmap and future plans

Concerning our development roadmap and plans, we were asked to detail factors of Stone V2 we consider the most important, how future development will continue to guarantee confidence for investors, and whether there will be more buying pressure on the Stone STN token.

Screen from Stone Discord



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