STONE x Bounce Certified Auction Participation Guide

3 min readMar 22, 2021

For all whitelist participants please follow the instruction to participate in STONE DeFi IDO on Bounce Certified.

Time: March 23rd, 9:30pm GMT +8

(All screenshots are examples and the information displayed might be inaccurate.)

  1. Go to
  2. You will see auction pool in the active sales section. Click Join Auctions.

3. You will see the following page. Make sure to check all the terms and maximum allocation per wallet, then enter your bid amount and click Go

4. You will need to interact with your MetaMask and pay gas fee for token swap. At the time of writing, the gas fee is around $15.

5. You will receive a success message when you get into the auction.

6. Refresh your page and you will see a Claim Tokens button. There will be a timer on the button to guide you how much time is left until you can claim your tokens. The claim time is set by the project.

7. Click Claim Tokens when the countdown is finished, and your tokens will arrive into your wallet.

8. ALL whitelisted addresses are NOT required to hold any AUCTION Tokens during auction on Bounce Certified. Pls take note that NOT all the whitelisted users will get the allocation. There is s no guaranteed allocation for all the whitelisted members.

9. The participants for the auction will be advised to use a desktop and browser with “MetaMask” to participate the Auction for STONE Bounce Certified Auction.

10. The participants will need to complete KYC for joining the Bounce Sale.

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