STONE’s code audit has been concluded

STONE has finished the code security audit by Peckshield to ensure a Rock Solid launch of the alpha test mining program. We have attached the smart contract audit report here.

In summary, the report has concluded with no security risks, quoting the report:

“In this audit, we thoroughly analyzed the design and implementation of the Stone protocol. The audited system presents a unique addition to current DeFi offerings in maximizing yields for users. Developed on top of YFI, the Stone protocol has been equipped with additional home-made strategies that work with different yield-generating pools. The current code base is clearly organized and those identified issues are promptly confirmed and fixed.

Meanwhile, we need to emphasize that smart contracts as a whole are still in an early, but exciting stage of development. To improve this report, we greatly appreciate any constructive feedback or suggestions on our methodology, audit findings, or potential gaps in scope/coverage.”

At Stone, we design a solid technical framework with innovative strategies to provide rock solid yield. We welcome community members to join part of this DeFi 2.0 journey and together we improve Stone.

Let’s Rock It!

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