Bi-Weekly Roundup Series — Are You Ready!

2 min readSep 23, 2021

We are very excited to share the completion of the V2 code audit and release of our audit report for Stone v2 with all our Bi-Weekly readers.

Stone core developers are innovating a user interface to the decentralized smart contracts that make up StoneDeFi, enhancing functionality, cross-chain interoperability, asset staking, liquidity markets, and lending.

Audit Report

Our auditors have thoroughly analyzed the design and implementation of the StoneDefi protocol as an addition to current DeFi offerings. To help further improve, we call on the community to offer constructive feedback to the report.

20,000 USD Giveaway

The past few weeks leading up to the release of Stone v2 have seen community participation in our campaigns to increase awareness and reward active participants. Our 20,000 USD giveaway campaign had over 2000 participants and 13790 entries, of which 500 lucky winners received STN token rewards.

Beta Program

Our final stage beta testing program was completed successfully, and we rewarded participants distributing STN to BSC and Matic accounts.

Stone v2 AMA Series

Our series of Stone v2 AMAs has started with the first in the series taking place on Discord. One lucky participant posting “Rock Solid Yield” won STN tokens. We received great questions for the AMA and summarized them in our medium post (here). We will soon be announcing the next AMA and invite the community to join our Discord over the coming weeks for future AMAs and giveaways.

The number of active participants across all these campaigns is an encouraging sign for the prospect of future campaigns, we will share details of those very soon so stay tuned!

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the Stone Fortress Telegram and feel free to join us on Discord.




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