Crypto Nation meetup with Stone DeFi for AMA session

Crypto Nation welcomes Stone DeFi for informative AMA

7 min readSep 28, 2021

Crypto Nation is a community group spreading the word of Crypto, they have over 30,000 members in their AMA Telegram group and hold regular crypto project AMA sessions. We sat down with them for an informative AMA session all about Stone DeFi.

As recently as last week we launched Stone DeFI v2, you can try it out by connecting through the Metamask wallet.

Session 1: Questions from Crypto Nation host Sophia.

Q1. Can you briefly describe what Stone DeFi is? We would like to know more about it and how it works.?

Stone DeFi provides continued innovation of the UI to the smart contracts across multiple chains. Our team disciplines are diverse. We focus on quality networks and assets on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Polkadot smart contract platforms.

Q2: Can you introduce Stone DeFi, what critical problems does it solve that existing solutions are not solving and what’s the competitive advantage?

As we know, cryptocurrencies emerged with the bitcoin genesis block message On Jan. 3, 2009 quoting “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”

This message leads many to believe decentralized cryptocurrencies to be a solution to the kind of problems that arise from traditional centralized financial institutions . The 2008 financial crisis being an example of one such problem.

I think it is fair to say bitcoin gave birth to the DeFi movement which is creating new ways of digital finance in a more transparent decentralized manner.

As a DeFi project, Stone is composed of several teams that focus on the management and delivery of the core product features, development, marketing and community. Our teams and members are geographically spread worldwide and very much focused on the development of the decentralized ecosystem.

Stone is the only yield management framework focused on creating Rock Solid Yield for all the users in the DeFi space

Q3. Could you please elaborate more about your tokenomics? What’s the total supply and what kind of plans do you have regarding the token unlocks in the future?

On the tokenomics please see our stats on Coingecko they track this data very well for us.

Snapshot 27–09–2021 Stone DeFi Token Supply

Regarding plans and token unlocks we made an announcement earlier in response to some concerns over reports relating to restrictions and the impact on the overall crypto market, we pinned it to our defistone twitter feed it reads as follows.

According to initial token vesting schedule, 16.7% of team reserved tokens will be unlocked and vested by 30th Sep, however, according to the market been affected by the restrictions. Team decided to postpone the vesting and extend the freeze until further notice

Q4. Can you share the achievements the team has made so far ? What are the major achievement targets Stone DeFi is yet to achieve . If possible, also share your roadmap.

Stone has already achieved an awful lot and has lot more to come our initial public development roadmap provided a guide for the project’s main milestones up to Q3 2021. Although development continues to evolve way beyond Q3 many of our plans will not be revealed until the successful release of Stone V2 is completed. That said, we did publish an article outlining the Stone V2 roadmap that runs through to Q1 2022.

I can share that with you here although I should point out that the DeFi space is evolving very quickly and we adapt to changes in the process of the development streams we deliver.

We will deliver a major milestone this month, and this is an exclusive reveal for you guys that on Sept 30th we aim to release Stone token single staking.

Q5: What is your knowledge in the field and what makes you an ideal team to make this project a success? And who are your Strategic Investors?

Stone very much recognizes the importance of constructive partnerships and as such has the backing of some of the best in the industry providing clear vision and open transparent processes to deliver an outstanding user experience and interface to decentralized finance across multiple platforms for rock solid yield.

Session 2: Questions from Twitter followers.

Following the introduction and and questions from the Crypto Nation host, we moved on to some questions submitted from twitter followers. There was also prizes for the best questions submitted during the AMA.

Q1 Stone very much recognizes the importance of constructive partnerships and as such has the backing of some of the best in the industry providing clear vision and open transparent processes to deliver an outstanding user experience and interface to decentralized finance across multiple platforms for rock solid yield.

Without a doubt, the STN token will have great potential in the market. Could you tell me a little more about this token? And I really would like to buy it, where and how can I do it?

One of the great things about DeFi and the broader crypto ecosystem is the number of independent liquid markets. The Stone DeFi token, STN, is listed on various exchanges you can find these listed on coinmarketcap.

Here’s a link to those Stone markets

Snapshot of Stone DeFi Markets listed on Coinmarketcap (Sept 2021)

You can find more about the token on CMC and of course feel free to join us in our Stone Fortress telegram group

Q2 There are many projects in the De-Fi field. I wonder what is the most effective word for investors to choose you?

Our motto is ‘Rock Solid Yield’

Q3 Talk about StoneDefi’s “VISION” which should be our VISION as well as investors. do the features in StoneDefi really provide an advantage over the others? can you convince and explain to us so that your vision can become our vision too.

I vision is collaboration with a community spirit.

To add to the earlier question let me expand on Rock Solid Yield and our vision.

  • Decentralize investment by docking multiple mainstream strategies, such as Curve and Aave, to achieve stable returns for users.
  • Multi-Chain Portfolio
    Support multi-chain asset investment such as Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, etc., and provide various assets to choose from.
  • Cross-Chain Bridge
    Cross-chain asset staking through cross-chain bridges, obtaining higher returns.
  • Maximize Profit
    Maximize your yields by simply staking STN, let STONE strategies do the rest.
  • StoneDeFI protocol, one stop solid yield staking for cross-chain assets. Simplifying the user experience and maximizing yields is key.

Q4 Currently Stone has been developed to stage V2. Has the Program been audited? If yes, has your Auditor thoroughly analyzed the design and implementation of the StoneDefi protocol in addition to the current DeFi offering?

There has been an awful lot of testing and an intensive code audit process to examine and improve the robust smart contracts at the heart of Stone DeFi.

Stone DeFi is rock solid, the code audit which was completed recently provides a comprehensive report. We call on the community to read the report and offer constructive feedback so our auditors can continually improve and help us all in providing a safe ecosystem for this emerging technology reshaping the digital financial landscape. Stone is a movement to build smarter and safer yield farming practices.

The report is link in our bi-weekly round up

Q5 The DEFI trend is evolving too fast & the ability to break is very high. What do you think about this & can you be sure that StoneDefi products will be on demand in the long term? What is StoneDefi planning to contribute to the DeFi’s growth?

Yes and we are growing very fast with the DeFi ecosystem to facilitate this growth we are accelerating and evolving our plans for the development of our the governance framework which will broadly represent the interests of Stone holders across multiple networks. For that to work effectively we have to recognize those networks also have governance processes and frameworks that we join and represent. All these considerations go into designing our governance framework.

The AMA concluded with a many interesting question from the live participants, we answered as many as we could within the allowed time frame. It was a very enjoyable session and we look forward to meeting with the community again in the future.

If you have any questions about this article please feel free to ask in the Stone Fortress Telegram and join us on Discord for future AMAs and giveaways.




The only yield management framework focused on creating Rock Solid Yield for all the users in the #DeFi space.